Our philosophy is to bring healing and restoration to victims, offenders and our community.

These are services and programs that HOPE City offers as an alternative to traditional criminal justice processes in collaboration with Shasta County Probation Department. If you have any questions about our Restorative Justice process please call our office.

Community Justice Panels

Serving both Adults & Juvenile's

HOPE City’s Community Justice Panels are modeled after the principles of Restorative Justice. Initiated by HOPE City in collaboration with Shasta County, this program addresses non-­violent and low-­level crimes through community-­based solutions to swiftly redress the harm caused by these offenses outside of the traditional criminal justice system. The purpose of this program is to offer healing and empowerment to victims and community members by giving them a voice to address criminal violations that impact the quality of their lives and life in our city.

These Community Justice Panels are facilitated by our trained volunteers and help bring the offender through the Restorative Justice process. This process helps them to take ownership and responsibility for the harm they have caused. It helps them to address this harm and any reoccurring underlying causes, while also identifying who has been affected by this harm and ways that this harm can be repaired. It is the goal of this process to have the victim of the offense participate if willing and if it is deemed appropriate by the panel. The cases are then closed and sent back to the referring agencies as all agreement in the RJ process have/or have not been met.