Meet The Team

Jackie Durant



Jackie has previously served as director of two residential drug and alcohol treatment facilities as well as an instructor for State certified drug and alcohol counselors. Having previously worked with both offenders and victims of crime, she understands their needs, which contributes to her current role as Executive Director of HOPE City. As a Restorative Justice Practitioner, Jackie combines her degree in organizational leadership and passion for social justice to motivate community members to embrace healing and restoration. Jackie applies empathetic insight through teaching and leadership to see communities healed and restored.

Ruth Van Leerdam



As a trained Restorative Practices Facilitator, Ruth works with educators and administrators to implement Restorative Practices across their school communities. She has been involved in Education in Australia for over 10 years where she worked as a Teaching and Classroom Management Consultant and Elementary School Teacher. Ruth is also a trained independent facilitator of Parenting the Love and Logic Way™ and 9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom® teaching effective strategies for helping children make great choices in schools, homes and churches. Ruth is passionate about helping adults create safe places for children to play, learn and powerfully be themselves. She helps to solve behavioral issues and implement strategies to manage children so more time is spent on learning and developing and less time is spent on managing behaviors.



Nurturing Father's Program FACILITATOR

Nathaniel is the newest addition to the HOPE City family. His passion is to see people thrive and develop healthy life skills which helps them to build healthy families and communities. His favorite quote is from Mark Twain, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Nathaniel holds a core belief that each person is significant and has a unique purpose. His goal is to help people identify their purpose and work towards seeing that purpose fulfilled. Nathaniel has been a family man for 21 years.                                                    




Nathalie comes to HOPE City with a background of working in non-profit agencies in administrative assistant roles. She has worked in the small business development sector as well as faith based institutions and in community justice. She loves to use her administrative and problem solving skills to help bring to fruition the visions of the organizations she works within. She believes in restorative justice principles and sees these tools as a way to bring healthy resolution to conflict wherever it is found. Nathalie looks forward to working with the HOPE City staff and volunteers where the goal is to bring about community wholeness through restorative justice practices.

Our Volunteers

Bonita Ahring

BONITA AHRING                                           


Bonita has spent more that twenty-two years as a director, founder, and builder of schools in the USA as well as Latin America, with sixteen of those years spent on the mission field in Costa Rica building a K-12 school that is still going strong today.  After moving to Redding in 2011 and attending school for three years she now works as the Chaplain for Shasta County Juvenile Rehabilitation Center and volunteers with HOPE City. Bonita has recently developed the L.O.T. Program which stands for Leaders Of Tomorrow. As a HOPE City volunteer she facilitates the L.O.T. program in the Juvenile Rehabilitation Center. Bonita is an encourager first and foremost and uses her vast teaching experience to benefit all those who come in contact with her.

LAURA GRIFFIS                                          


Laura Griffis is the volunteer facilitator of our Hope City Youth Program. With more than 30 years of experience working with children, Laura has developed and published leadership curriculum for youth, travels as a conference speaker and a consultant to youth programs and is a Love and Logic Parenting Facilitator.  She is passionate about developing and training young people who can be leaders in their generation; instilling in them a hope that their future is bright and they were born to make a positive impact in their world.  Her specific training is focused on character and identity building through development in leadership habits and attitudes. Hope City Youth Program is a place for at risk teens to be mentored and encouraged to believe and dream that anything is possible.