We define the word “community” as “Common Ownership.”

Because a culture of honor, freedom, and empowerment is foundational to the work we do at HOPE City, we consider community members as co-owners of their local community. Ownership requires stewardship.

Restorative Justice Conference Panels

We offer ongoing trainings to our community members who are interested in volunteering and learning:

  • The Basic Principles of Restorative Justice

  • Circle conference panelist and facilitator training

  • Victim / Offender Education Groups

  • Victim Offender Mediation

We recognize the harm done to our community members as a result of local crime and wrongdoing. Therefore, we are intentional about giving them a safe place to let their voices be heard.

We equally recognize the value our community members have in stewarding and nurturing our communities’ sons and daughters. Therefore, we are intentional about calling out the best in people and encouraging them in their strengths rather than highlighting or attacking their weaknesses.

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